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At UDS, we have partnerships with the world’s leading brands of commercial and industrial equipment designers and manufacturers like Unipress, Italclean, Tolon and Ghidini, some exclusive to Australia and New Zealand.

As commercial laundry and dry cleaning specialists, we pride ourselves on having the product knowledge, solutions and industry experience you need to make the right operational and investment choices for your facility.

We promise to also never leave you after the sale. UDS services more than 40 lines of the best dry cleaning and commercial laundry equipment in the world.

Our factory-trained technicians and product knowledge experts can help train your teams. With fully stocked warehouses across Sydney and Melbourne, and quick shipping to New Zealand, we’ll get you back up and operating quickly.

Not sure on the best machines and equipment for your business or facility? Contact Bill at UDS for a FREE no-obligation consultation. +61 02 9688 2022.




Utilising water-based cleaning methods and advanced technology, wet cleaning offers a gentle yet effective alternative to traditional dry cleaning. Explore the benefits below:

1. Environmentally Friendly:
Wet cleaning eliminates the use of harsh chemicals, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability in garment care practices.

2. Gentle on Fabrics:
Preserve the quality and integrity of delicate fabrics with wet cleaning, ensuring garments retain their color, texture, and softness.

3. Effective Stain Removal:
Combat tough stains and odours effectively with wet cleaning technology, providing thorough and efficient cleaning results.

4. Healthier for All:
Promote a healthier environment for customers and staff by avoiding exposure to toxic chemicals, and ensuring garments are safe and fresh to wear.

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Across New Zealand and Australia, 100’s commercial and retail laundries, dry cleaners, hotels, and organisations have chosen UDS as their business partner of choice for supplying and maintaining their machines, equipment, spare parts, services and consumables.

UDS has also designed and constructed a range of projects from the replacement of machinery to complete customised fit-outs of new stores, warehouses, and commercial laundry facilities.

Whether you are large or small, retail or commercial, we offer personalised and tailored solutions as well as sound advice that will work for your budget and operations. See some of our projects here!

Commercial laundromats & dry cleaners

Laundromats & Dry Cleaners

Retail clothing stores & suppliers

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Hotel & accommodation facilities

Hotels & Accommodation Facilities

Aged care homes, hospitals & health care

Aged Care Homes, Hospitals & Health Care

Hospitality venues & restaurants

Hospitality Venues, Cafes & Restaurants

Government & education organisations

Government & Education Organisations


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