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November 2, 2023

Heavy Duty Industrial Washing Machines: Review

Commercial Dry Cleaning Machines

Finding the best heavy duty industrial washers for your business operations

In commercial laundry operations, efficiency, durability, and high performance are paramount. Whether you’re running a laundromat, managing a hotel’s laundry service, or operating a large-scale industrial facility, heavy-duty industrial washing machines are essential tools for maintaining a smooth and effective laundry process. These robust appliances are not only built to last but also contribute to energy savings and overall operational excellence. In this blog, we’ll explore why heavy-duty industrial washing machines are the top choice for commercial laundromats and professional laundry operators.

With a legacy dating back to 1937, Tolon has dedicated itself to the mastery of fully automated industrial washer-extractors and an array of other commercial laundry machines that are designed to meet the rigorous demands of commercial laundry operations. These machines have cutting-edge features and technology, ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and durability. Tolon’s washer-extractors come in various capacities and configurations, making them suitable for various industries, from hotels and laundromats to healthcare facilities and more.

UDS is proudly one of the very few Australian importers, suppliers, and maintenance service providers of Tolon equipment. If you want to know more about Tolon machines, please visit this blog post.

Tolon Washer Extractors 10, 15 and 18kgs Tolon Washer Extractors

Tolon’s Washer Extractors in 10, 15, and 18 kg capacities combine energy efficiency and exceptional performance within a sleek and compact design. This washer is the perfect choice for smaller to medium-sized operations or handling lighter laundry loads with unparalleled proficiency.

Learn more about it at:

Tolon Washer Extractor 10kgs

Tolon Washer Extractor 15kgs

Tolon Washer Extractor 18kgs.

Tolon Washer Extractors 24, 28 and 40kgs

Tolon Washer Extractors

The Tolon Washer Extractors, available in 24, 28, and 40 kg capacities, represent the pinnacle of industrial laundry technology. These machines are tailored to meet the specific needs of medium-sized operations, offering efficiency, heavy-duty performance, and unwavering durability. Designed to withstand the test of time, they are not only built to last but also prioritize energy-saving practices, making them an eco-conscious choice. Whether serving the needs of bustling commercial laundromats or the meticulous demands of professional laundry operators, Tolon’s Washer Extractors in these sizes are the epitome of high-performance laundry solutions.

Learn more about it:

Tolon Washer Extractor 24kgs

Tolon Washer Extractor 28kgs.

Tolon Washer Extractor 40kgs.

Tolon Washer Extractors 60 and 110kgs

Tolon Washer Extractors

The Tolon Washer Extractors 60 and 110kgs are high-performance machine that is engineered to endure the rigors of round-the-clock operation, even in the most demanding of environments. Featuring a compact and space-saving design, these washer-extractors also offer the flexibility of an optional coin-operated system for added convenience.

Learn more about it:

Tolon Washer Extractor 60kgs

Tolon Washer Extractor 110kgs.

Key features and benefits of Tolon washer-extractors

  • Freestanding, high-spin washer
  • Large loading and unloading doors with up to 180 degrees opening angle for easy access
  • Choice of liquid and powder detergent in 3 or 6 compartments frontal dispenser
  • Standard equipped for automatic soap dosing
  • Drum and tub, as well as front and top panels made of robust and durable high-quality Stainless Steel
  • Maximum efficiency in tight spaces
  • Instant overview of machine status with the smart indicator light
  • High-flow inlet valves for faster filling
  • Accelerometer for perfect balancing
  • Easy operation with highly flexible and freely programmable control
  • Ceramic-coated shaft for longer life due to less friction on sealing surfaces
  • Options available include- dual heating ( electric & steam), an extra inlet valve for soft water, a second drain valve for water recovery, and more

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