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Service and Spare Parts Division

We provide the best and quickest factory trained service people, and our parts department is one of the most comprehensive in Australia.

We’re competitive, not only in terms of quality and reliability but also in cost effectiveness. We service our installations as successfully as we adhere to our budgets. that’s important to us. We like our clients to come back. And they do.

We work for multi-national organisations as well as small companies. All receive the same cost-competitive service. And whether the need is for a large hotel or a small dry-cleaning store, we meet our delivery dates. This has been our business since the LATE 90’s.

UDS sells and services more than 40 lines of the best dry cleaning & commercial laundry equipment in the world including names like, UNIPRESS, DONINI, FIRBIMATIC CISSELL, UNION, GHIDINI, PONY, REMA, HORSCROFT, FORENTA, just to name a few. Today, with more than 23 YEARS of specialised experience and services, we’re an industry leader.

Your TOTAL SOLUTION to satisfy every laundry or dry cleaning need, no matter how large or small.

We design and plan, install and train, service and maintain – on your premises.

Mechanical & Electrical Repairs
Rail Fabrication, Copper Services & Pipework
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