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3 Roll Bagging Station & Rod (Heavy Duty)


Sturdy Free standing 3 roll bagging station complete with bagging jack.  Poly bags not included.

The jack with EXTENDED foot pedal is standard. It has a special shock absorbing impact stopper that transfers noise and bounce to the floor. The Bagging Station is designed to speed bagging for dry cleaners, laundries, retail and formal wear stores. The unusual strength of the Bagging Station comes from its U shaped, one-piece base and cross support bar, which eliminates twist and sway. Bags load easily with extra long roll holder tubes/vinyl grips on each end. Each bag has its own spring loaded bag holder bar with rubber grips to prevent poly bags from slipping backwards. Bright Zinc Finish. Specifications HEIGHT 105cms WIDTH 60cms DEPTH 19cms. WEIGHT 25kgs.

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