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Plain Biodegradable Dry Cleaning Bags


Supplier: UDS

Dry Cleaning Bags – Plain Biodegradable

Our popular choice Plain Biodegradable Dry Cleaning Bags are handy and reusable for all your short and long garments including shirts, dresses, suits and coats.

Clear in design (unprinted), they make your garments visible and neat. Perfect for protecting your items from dirt and dust, they are made from a long-lasting High-Quality Biodegradable Plastic and are available in various sizes.

The biodegradable plastic is a smart and affordable choice for environmentally conscious consumers as they are reusuable and can be recycled with other soft plastics or disposed of in the general rubbish bin.

(Once disposed to landfill, biodegradation is accelerated approximately 90%+ faster than conventional plastic, making it a responsible choice for business operators)

Weight and Quantity:

All polythene bags are sold based on weight  (21lbs).

They are then perforated to the lengths below (except continuous) and give you the following amount of sheets for the 21lbs.

  • POLY 39” GUSS     1000mm (39″) – APPROX. 400 Sheets/roll. (SUIT LENGTH)
  • POLY 48” GUSS     1220mm (48″) – APPROX. 320 Sheets/roll.  (DRESS LENGTH)
  • POLY 60” GUSS     1530mm (60″) – APPROX. 260 Sheets/roll.  (EVENING DRESSES & AFTER 5 WEAR LENGTH)
  • POLY 72” GUSS     1830mm (72″) – APPROX. 215 Sheets/roll.    (WEDDING DRESS LENGTH)
  • CONTINUOUS       UNCUT (YOU WOULD ONLY PURCHASE THE CONTINUOUS LENGTH IF YOU HAVE A BAGGING MACHINE. (Bagging machine allows operators to cut plastic to any of the above sizes as opposed to carrying all the above rolls on your premises).

Roll Width:

(533mm wide x 100mm gusset).

Why Choose This?

  • Versatile sizes available
  • A low cost way for protecting your garments
  • Reusable and long-lasting
  • Suitable for home or shop storage
  • Commercial grade, a popular choice by numerous dry cleaning operators
  • Economical and convenient to use
  • High quality recyclable plastic dry cleaner bags that are also landfill biodegradable.

Delivery Options:

  • We proudly offer a FREE pick-up service from our Sydney office.
  • Same-day and emergency deliveries are available.
  • Standard delivery is 2- 5 business days.
  • See our delivery rates, options, and schedule here.
Biodegradable 39"
Biodegradable 39"
39" Guss Poly
39" Guss Poly
48" Guss Poly
48" Guss Poly
60" Guss Poly
60" Guss Poly
72" Guss Poly
72" Guss Poly
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