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Cocchi Finishing Equipment "with built in boilers"

COCCHI has a quality range of industrial-level laundry machinery and professional irons.

Founded in 1970 by the determination and inventiveness of its founder, Giuseppe Cocchi has achieved important goals over the years in the range of machines produced while maintaining the same innovative spirit – the passion for production, research continues in “wanting to improve “, respect for its customers – seeking maximum satisfaction.

UDS is proudly one of the very few Australian importers, suppliers, and maintenance service providers of COCCHI machines.

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In business for over 25 years, UDS has established its reputation as a leading Australian end-to-end laundry solutions specialist and machinery importer.

We’ve become a preferred partner of choice for 100’s of small and large commercial laundries, dry-cleaners as well as national hotels and institutions across Australia.

From the design and selection of machinery, spare parts replacement, consumables supply to providing qualified training and maintenance, we can expertly help you operate your business or facility.

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