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Laundry Sour

LAUNDRY SOUR is added to the final rinse to neutralise any traces of alkalinity in the fabrics.

It features a highly concentrated, acid-finishing formula and is popular in use by commercial and industrial laundries.

By restoring pH to the correct level, the washed articles are conditioned for the finishing process such as drying and ironing.


Why Choose This?

  • Helps fabrics feel softer and more comfortable after washing
  • Improves the brightness and clarity of colours in fabrics
  • Effectively balances pH levels in laundry, preventing skin irritation and fabric damage
  • Aids in the control of soils and stains in commercial and on-premise laundry machines. 
  • Gentle enough to use on all fabrics, and both whites and coloured.


MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheets) are automatically provided with everyone delivery or collection of the product

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