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Laundry Trolley/Basket


Laundry Cart with Bumper- Wired Frame, Commercial Construction

These top selling durable metal carts are used internationally in over 20 countries and are built for years of trouble free service. Perfect for moving through narrow spaces and can handle large volumes of dry or wet garments and linens. A very popular industry choice for commercial laundries, nursing homes, motels,  hotels and dry cleaning operators.

Available in 2 sizes, and with or without an Overhead Rack attachment. Made in the USA.

Why Choose This?

  • Heavy duty commercial level construction, ideal for daily use and transportation
  • Bases are built with fully welded 7/8″ heavy steel tubing and are guaranteed for life against breakage
  • Highly durable quality chrome finish is sturdy and saves on maintenance
  • Can handle large volumes of blankets, clothes and other items
  • Air-cushion soft non-marking bumper to ensures safe transport, protecting walls and doors from damage
  • Casters feature our patented 5″ Clean Wheel System™ with non-marking polyurethane tires. They reduce debris pick up in hubs. The ball bearing design gives years of service
  • New bearing raceway guards shield top caster bearings from dirt and chemicals.
Trolley available in the following sizes:


685mm x 570mm x 280mm deep. 663 mm overall height. Capacity 29 lbs or 2.5 bushels.


840mm x 480mm x 400mm deep. 663mm overall height. Capacity 60lbs or 4 1/2 bushels.

Overhead Rack Attachment (purchase seperately):

  • The double pole rack comes in a durable chrome finish, suitable for commercial application
  • A reliable and sturdy device for hanging and transporting garments and linens
  • Helps keep garments clean, pressed and wrinkle-free during transportation
  • Designed to deliver years of dependable service, ideal for small and large commercial operators
  • Available for the STANDARD or LARGE trolley, as an easy attachment.
Overhead rack attachment available for the following trolley sizes:

STANDARD Trolley – 155cm x 10cm x 3cm = 3.3kg.

LARGE  Trolley  –        175cm  x 8cm  x 3cm = 3.3kg.


CHROME available now and in stock, ready to ship.

Other optional colours available: “Dishwasher grade” vinyl basket coating encapsulates the entire basket. In Blue, Red, White, Gray, Almond. Will need to order. Please contact our office to receive colour samples, discuss interest, and delivery times.


Delivery Options

  • We proudly offer a FREE pick-up service from our Sydney office.
  • Same day and emergency deliveries are available.
  • Standard delivery is 2- 5 business days.
  • See our delivery rates, options, and schedule here.


Overhead Attachment- Large
Overhead Attachment- Large
Overhead Attachment- Standard
Overhead Attachment- Standard
Trolley only- Standard
Trolley only- Standard
Trolley only- Large
Trolley only- Large
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