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Ghidini Vapour Box


Brand: Ghidini

Vapour Box

Vapor Box is supplied as a standard and complete trouser finishing device and one form finisher for jackets, coats, dresses, etc. Thanks to a very easy fitting system, the cabinet can be transformed and equipped with two trouser finishing devices or two form finishers.

The compact overall dimensions allow the installation and operation even in small premises. The high speed of the finishing cycle and zero idle working time produce high output performance with a significant saving of energy.

The finishing cycle is carried out without the slightest waste of steam, thus providing an improved working environment. This will depend on the operator’s needs and the modifications can be carried out without any technical assistance. The working cycle is automatic and can be adjusted by three timers.

Why Choose This?

  • Simple and easy to operate. It is not necessary to be an expert in garment finishing
  • The machine is available in the self-contained version
  • Supplied complete with all the necessary accessories for the finishing of trousers and of jackets and coats
  • Significant energy savings
  • Small footprint
  • Also available with a new easy-to-use computer control system
  • Includes multiple standard accessories.

Standard accessories:

• Trousers waist band stretcher

• Curved clamps for jackets and coats

• Vertical clamps

• Wooden sleeve stretchers

• Dummy

• Multiple connection

• Straight trouser clamps

• Silicon sleeve stretchers.

Available options upon request:

• Leg stretching carriage with support

• Automatic starting of the working cycle after closing the cabinet door

• Pneumatic operated air discharge valve

• Pneumatic waist band stretcher.


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