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ALBACHEM P.O.G Remover 475ml


Brand: AlbaChem

AlbaChem P.O.G Remover 475ml

The AlbaChem P.O.G Remover is a potent spotter that acts instantly to eliminate grease, oil-based paint, carbon, and other stubborn oily stains from textile surfaces. Its outstanding performance also makes it an ideal choice for effortlessly managing collar and cuff soil. Application is effortless with the included applicator bottle, allowing you to apply a few drops and seamlessly dissolve the stain using spotting bones, a brush, or a clean cloth. Once the stain vanishes, a quick flush with water or solvent effortlessly removes any residue, leaving your textiles immaculate and revitalized. Presently offered in 470ml bottles, the AlbaChem P.O.G Remover ensures top-tier outcomes for your laundry and dry cleaning requirements. Elevate your stain removal processes with this professional-grade solution.

Why Choose This?

  • Versatile spot removal
  • Instant action
  • Ideal for collar and cuff soil
  • Easy flushing.


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Below is a video of how the chemicals are applied and how easy they remove stains.

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